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Program Descriptions

Toddlers: Our toddler room provides a fun, loving, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop and grow into their own being. The toddlers are encouraged and exposed to use all 5 senses through an assortment of toys, equipment, music, outdoor play, art, books, etc. The curriculum is theme based by month and broken down into four weeks. It enhances cognitive skills, language focus, gross motor skills (fine & large) and social emotional skills. The children learn to share and communicate with others. The teachers have a close relationship with the parent to ensure they document and share milestones the toddler has met. The parent is encouraged to call or drop in to check on their toddler or see them in action via our cameras.

Two Year Olds: Our Two year old program offers creativity and is structured so your child will learn as they are having fun! The seven domains of school readiness are incorporated in our preschool curriculum. These would include social and personal development, language, scientific thinking, social studies, arts and gross motor skills (fine & large). All of these are integrated in the preschool activities through centers and circle time. We have learning centers to help each child explore and discover learning new things at each center.

Three Year Olds: Our Three Year Olds curriculum promotes a strong focus on language skills and pre reading skills. We concentrate on literature content such as the author of the book, illustration, reading left to right, phonics and pronunciation. In addition, we review and focus on other essential readiness skills that are needed which include following direction, participation in small and large group settings, sharing, social skills, proper choices, consequences, self help skills, ability to stay on task, self confidence, problem solving and independence. Gymnastics is offered in this class every Monday afternoon for a small fee.

Preschool (4 & 5 year olds): Our preschool curriculum is theme based with a strong focus on language, pre reading and math skills. We have learning centers that consist of the following: art, blocks, dramatic play, language, library, math, science, writing, sensory, small manipulatives and social studies. Your child will choose from a variety of these centers to promote exploration and discovery learning. During circle time, children will learn about calendars, the weather, character building, reading, and song phonemic awareness. We teach the child how to work with a partner and as a group. Learning these skills allows them to succeed in the future.

VPK is free for your child. The child must be 4 years old on or by September 1st of the upcoming school year. We are now accepting VPK certificates for the next calendar school year. Your child will receive kindergarten readiness through fun play experiences and hands on activities. Our VPK teachers hold the formal education credentials to teach VPK. Through facilitated play and structured activities our staff creates meaningful experiences and an enthusiasm for learning. Our teachers work diligently with local Kindergarten teachers to find out what the expectations are for the upcoming school year. We want every child to succeed and embrace the love of learning with great enthusiasm.

School Age (5 – 12 years of age): Our before and after school program enhances your child’s education while giving you peace of mind in knowing that your child is in a safe and loving environment. We offer assistance with homework for school age students. We understand that parents have busy schedules and if your child could have the majority of their homework completed by the time they arrive home, that gives you more quality time to spend with them. We provide safe and convenient transportation to and from the following schools: Curlew Creek, Lake St. George, Sutherland Elementary and Highland Lakes.
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