Welcome to Growing Room Enrichment Center

Welcome to Growing Room Enrichment Center

The mission statement of The Growing Room Enrichment Center is to strive and provide your child’s learning environment to be nurturing, loving and full of positive energy. The Growing Room is the beginning of what your child will define as “school”. He or she will develop an attitude about school that could carry throughout the rest of his or her “school life”. The goal of Growing Room is to form that attitude into a successful one making Growing Room one of the many positive aspects of your child’s school years.

Growing Room has developed its own curriculum for the teachers to use and develop weekly lesson plans that is VPK approved. The activities are theme based and are age appropriate for each group of children. Each family will receive “take home” suggestions you can do with your child at home that deal with the weekly lesson plan.

Every classroom has a Family Center that will show you each week’s lesson plans, as well as schedules, important happenings and it will have a Family Interests section for you to do at the center with your child. All of these things combined should keep you up to date on what is going on in your child’s classroom but if you still have questions you are always encouraged to ask your child’s teacher or your director.

Our Commitment Is To

  • Offer a nurturing, loving, and secure environment,
  • Provide the necessary tools for your child to grow socially, physically and emotionally,
  • Develop a relationship of “mutual respect” and “open lines of communications” with parents,
  • Maintain the highest quality of staff to possess CDA and first aid and CPR certification,
  • Re-invest our resources back into the center to continuously provide the highest quality of childcare possible.